Without any doubt, we at Ross Display want to have a positive impact on our customers’ business, but we also recognize our ability to influence positive change both locally and internationally. We feel honored to live and work in one of the most beautiful regions on the planet. As a member of Seattle’s vibrant, global, business community, we recognize our responsibility to make this a better world. How do we do this?  Through green initiatives and social impact programs as well as mentorship and advancement opportunities for our employees.


Green Initiatives

Ross Display is proud to be an industry leader in Green Initiatives; we provide expert advise in LEED legislation and requirements. We offer spec evaluations that can help determine the availability and direct/indirect the costs environmentally friendly packaging, shipping, logistics and installation options; we offer end-of-life fixture services and recycle programs for existing store remodels. In addition, we strive to maintain the highest standards for our own company operations through:




Water Usage

A Clean/Healthy Work Environment

Green Seal rated Cleaning Supplies
and Janitorial Supplies

Program Logisitics- Use of recycled,
reclaimed or scrap materials
with client approval.

Ross Display is committed to investing in the community, particularly in the lives of children and families who have been presented with unique challenges.
Since 2008, we have dedicated a portion of the proceeds from qualifying programs to several pre-selected charitable organizations both independently and at the request of clients. To learn more about our charitable donations and non-profit partners, please email